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Mr. A is a performance-oriented athlete who trains up to seven times a week and competes. Mr. A considers himself mentally insecure, doubts himself, and feels that he is not living up to his best capabilities.

Ms. B trains hard and performs on a high level during training without any problems. But as soon as she has to compete, her mind takes over, she gets tense, and she can’t produce the same output as she did while in training.

Mr. C is a competitive athlete who has sustained injuries. He’s been in rehabilitation for a few months and is considering his comeback. He questions whether or not he will be able to live up to his usual performance again.

Ms. D has felt confident during training in the last few weeks and months and feels physically and mentally in top form. The last competitions produced good results. How can she best maintain her good form and continue to excel in her upcoming major competitions? Team E has made some changes after having a successful year. Now their new goals and roles need to be clarified and defined. Trust between individual team members is a crucial factor for success.

These are just a few examples of various themes we can work on together. There is always an initial meeting, in which we get together to discuss your expectations, needs and goals. Once the goals and thematic fields of collaboration have been defined, we go to work on your issues in a trusting and cooperative framework.