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Mr. A is a senior executive. He feels the pressure to perform on a daily basis. Ever more frequently, Mr. A unloads this pressure onto his employees with his rude and impatient attitude. Due to his hierarchical position, he receives little feedback from his employees and is not really conscious of his behavior.

Mrs. B is doing very well in both her professional and private life. At work she has achieved the goals she has set and has been very successful in the last year. How can she maintain this stability both at work and at home so that she can continue to handle difficult situations with ease?

Mr. C is a manager who finds himself making important decisions on a daily basis. It’s challenging for him to switch off from his daily work routine, enjoy his family life at home, and have the feeling that he is fulfilling all of the various roles he feels are required of him. Sometimes Mr. C has trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Ms. D is an employee who experiences a lot of stress because of her team. Her sense is that many of the conflicts that arise are rooted in the stressful atmosphere, and that it is only getting worse.

Team E has made some changes after having a successful year. Now their new goals and roles need to be clarified and defined. Trust between individual team members is a crucial factor for success.

These are just a few examples of various themes we can work on together. There is always an initial meeting, in which we get together to discuss your expectations, needs and goals. Once the goals and thematic fields of collaboration have been defined, we go to work on your issues in a trusting and cooperative framework.