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In my time as a top athlete, I had the pleasure of experiencing countless beautiful moments, but I was constantly faced with difficult situations as well. When confronted with high-pressure circumstances, I often wasn’t able to live up to my full potential. These situations were beyond frustrating. Towards the end of my career, I found it increasingly easier to deal with tough situations. Through working with a sports psychologist, I was able to adopt new behaviors and tactics, which proved to be an invaluable resource for me and allowed me to perform in high-pressure situations. Looking back, these experiences were a stroke of luck. In my work, I am able to connect with people facing tough challenges, or those who want to optimize their performance, and work with them to develop solutions and bring out their highest potential even in the most challenging moments.

I pass on my experience and knowledge from my daily work with top athletes, coaches, managers and people in various professional contexts. It is important to me that I incorporate theoretical concepts of my courses in Applied Psychology, Sport Psychology and coaching, and combine them with my practical experience in professional sports.

I am a member of the Swiss Association for Sports Psychology (SASP) and the Swiss Professional Association for Applied Psychology (SBAP).

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