Eleven mind factors to success

Success begins in the mind

Whether you are an athlete, manager, musician, actor, entrepreneur or an employee, we all want to give our very best in challenging situations so that we can lead fulfilling private and professional lives. Can you imagine how different things would be if you could learn to react and perform with heightened clarity, security and serenity throughout all of life’s most challenging situations? How would you feel, what would that look like? What factors are responsible for improving your performance, and achieving your full potential? “11mindset” provides you with the guidance to answer these questions.

It serves as a checklist to reinforce a successful mental attitude, whether it is in a professional or sports context, so that even the most challenging situations become more manageable from the get-go.

In the “11mindset” program we cultivate a road to success through motivational speeches, workshops, direct training and coaching, and applying the following 11 success factors:

  1. Focus

    Conscious and unconscious thinking, decisions, concentration

    Where are you directing your thoughts? Are you focusing on factors that you have direct control of?

    In the”Focus-Mindfactor” we address the subject of awareness and how to master difficult situations.

  2. Imagery

    Mind, metaphors, imagination

    Images can help you to visualize upcoming challenges with more clarity. The clearer you can imagine your upcoming performance, the greater the likelihood of successfully managing the situation.

    The “Image-Mindfactor” deals with the use of visual means to master challenging situations.

  3. Goals

    Brain research, motivation, and taking action successfully

    Goals affect your actions. Do you set goals and take actions with direction and determination?

    How we can set goals efficiently and infuse them with energy, and what the effect of setting goals has to do with our brain and imagery are examples of the focus of “Goal-Mindfactor.

  4. Empower

    Personal reflection, taking action, situation assessment

    Are you aware of your strengths, skillset, and special qualities? Before tackling an important task, it is crucial to focus on our strengths and handle challenges from a positive point of view.

    With the “Empowerment-Mindfactor”, we learn to work with our strengths consciously, and deal with our weaknesses constructively.

  5. Dialogue

    Management of thoughts, feelings, concentration, personal support

    Cultivating a positive inner dialogue can help you to can consciously control your own thoughts.

    The “Dialogue-Mindfactor” teaches you to use your inner dialogue as a key to handling difficult situations.

  6. Body

    Embodiment, body and spirit, stress management

    Your own body language can help to influence your thoughts.

    With the “Body-Mindfactor” we learn why this works, and how we can use our own body posture to feel more confident in difficult situations, directly influencing our self-confidence.

  7. Thoughts

    Self-control, recovery, mindfulness

    Oftentimes, we struggle to eliminate certain feelings, thoughts and moods. Through this unconscious struggle, we can unknowingly reinforce unpleasant states of being.

    In the “Thoughts/Acceptance-Mindfactor” we address the act of accepting unpleasant feelings and thoughts, in order to better cope and perform successfully despite them.

  8. Breath

    Stress management, autonomic nervous system, tension/relaxation

    Breathing helps you to regulate yourself in difficult situations. We all have to breathe anyway, so why not do so consciously, and to our advantage?

    In the “Breathing-Mindfactor”, we will teach helpful breathing techniques that can be used in high-pressure situations.

  9. Joy

    Positive psychology, dealing with thoughts, feelings, and decisions

    How often in your professional life or in your free time do you consciously ask yourself “What’s the best choice for me?” It’s often the small things that can have the greatest impact on our mood and mentality.

    In the “Joy-Mindfactor” we learn how to bring more joy into our work and private life in simple ways.

  10. Roles

    Personality, self-esteem, observation

    Be it alone or in a team setting, people automatically take on different roles in life. In defining those roles, and becoming more familiar with them, you can achieve more clarity on how to deal with them.

    In the “Role-Mindfactor” we learn to work consciously with the different parts of our personality and roles, in order to achieve our highest potential.

  11. Plan

    Strategies, plans of action, influencing factors

    We are constantly finding ourselves in situations that we cannot directly control. That’s why it’s crucial to have a master plan of coping strategies set into place when you need them most.

    With the “Plan-Mindfactor”, we develop useful patterns to be used difficult situations.


Motivational speech

Inspirational speech with a glimpse at the “11mindfactors to success”

Group size: Minimum 6 ppl. Duration: 1.5 hours incl. discussion board

Workshop (Half day)

Presentation and practice-oriented workshop with individual exercises based on the “11mindfactors to success”.

Group size: 4-15 ppl.

Workshop (Full day)

Presentation and practice-oriented workshop with individual exercises based on the “11mindfactors to success”. Practical examples and creation of action plans for use in private and professional life.

Group size: 4-15 ppl.

Workshop (2 consecutive days)

Presentation and practice-oriented workshop with individual exercises based on the “11mindfactors to success”. Practical examples and creation of action plans for use in private and professional life. Over the course of 2 days, discussion rounds will be developed and we will gain the opportunity to go deeper with the concepts and practical use of the “11mindfactors to success”

Group size: 4-15 ppl.

Training and coaching process (8-12 months)

Consisting of: • Workshop (2 consecutive days, or 2 separate days) • 2x (Full day) workshop

The content is the same as the respective descriptions on offer. The aim of the training and coaching process is to offer participants continuous training in between workshops, where they can apply, practice, and reflect on their goals for their private and professional lives.

Group size: 4-15 ppl.

11mindset in a mountain Chalet (Daily, 9.30-15.30 in the Bernese Oberland)

Set in a Swiss mountain chalet, and in a private and cozy atmosphere, we consciously shift into a lower gear by spending the entire day working on the “11mindfactors to success”.

Group size: Max. 4 ppl. Can also be booked individually.

Individual coaching in 11mindset

11mindset can also be booked for private coaching, focusing on personal development and resilience enhancement.

7 sessions of 1.5 hours, over a period of 6-9 months.