With the right mindset, you can bring positive advantages into every area of ​​your life:

  • Alain Meyer - Icon Mindset 1
    Achieve more and make progress when it counts most
  • Alain Meyer - Icon Mindset 2
    Cope with stress and find inner peace through serenity, clarity and security
  • Alain Meyer - Icon Mindset 3
    Create harmony between work and private life
  • Alain Meyer - Icon Mindset 4
    Develop the potential of your team to achieve ambitious goals

About me

Alain Meyer Portrait

My experience and competence stem from a combination of my background in professional sports and my expertise as a psychologist, sports psychologist and coach.

  • Masters in Sports Psychology
  • Master in Coaching
  • 10 years of experience as a sports psychologist at FC Basel
  • 11 years of self-employment as a sports psychologist with various athletes and teams
  • 11 years of self-employment in coaching executives, employees and teams in organizations
More about me

How I work

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    My clients learn how to use practical strategies and tools in order to make progress and achieve more.
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    I combine my experience and expertise from professional sports with scientifically sound knowledge from sport psychology and coaching, so that self-development becomes applicable, effective, and attainable.
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    I help my clients to break through their mental limitations by discovering alternative realities and perspectives.

Sports psychology and business coaching

  • How can achieve the right results at the very right moment?
  • How can I deal with stress and competition?
  • How can we create a performance-enhancing atmosphere and achieve our goals as a team?
  • How can I get a better handle on my thoughts and emotions?


An initial discussion will take place to clarify our mutual expectations and begin a trust-based collaboration. After that, we can either arrange to meet in person at my office in Biel, a location of your choice, or via video call. You choose the destination for our shared journey. During coaching I will give you space to grow, challenge you, and introduce you to new realities and scenarios. Working together is inspiring, motivating and liberating. Together we will activate resources, develop potential, stimulate development and achieve goals.

Sports Psychology:

  • Coaching for athletes
  • Coaching for trainers (leadership and team performance)
  • Coaching for teams (successful team performance)
  • Supervision for sports psychologists and mental trainers

Business coaching:

  • Coaching for employees
  • Coaching for executives (leadership and team performance)
  • Coaching for teams (successful team performance)
  • Supervision for coaches

Keynote Speaker:

  • Perform successfully in high-pressure situations
  • Coping with Stress - What we can learn from exercises in daily life
  • Harmony between work and private life
  • Team performance and achieving common goals


  • Eleven mind factors to success

Learn more

Workshops, seminars, and presentations

I conduct workshops, seminars and presentations on various topics. The respective events are adapted to your own needs.

  • Image of Self-control
    Self-control in high-pressure situations for athletes, managers and employees
  • Image of Learning and use of mental techniques
    Learning and use of mental techniques
  • Image of Calm and balance
    Calm and balance - self-regulation
  • Image of Team development
    Team development - What do successful teams need in stressful situations?
  • Image of Dealing with stress
    Dealing with stress and high-pressure situations
  • Image of Achieving the best results
    Achieving the best results at the desired point in time

Sports psychology and business coaching via Skype or telephone

As part of an introductory conversation, we will formulate your needs and expectations. Together, we can assess whether or not these can be totally or partially fulfilled through telephone or Skype coaching sessions. Based on the agreed objectives, we will then create an individual coaching program. Thanks to a flexible way of working, it’s up to you to determine the time and place of our meetings.

Flyer Skype/Remote PDF


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